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Question from member Colleen Ditro

Posted about 3 years ago by Suzanne Hilt

We are looking to add some positions and I was wondering how your practice functions? 1 APP per surgeon? Service based or disease process based? Inpatient/outpatient?
Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Colleen Story almost 3 years ago

I work in New Orleans and at the time we are one NP per surgeon. I run my own clinic and refer surgery patients to the surgeon. I see all problems. The other NP works with her surgeon as a first assist and does mostly his pre and post ops. She sees her own patients one day a week.

Anne Stuedemann almost 3 years ago

In Kansas City, we almost have 1 NP per surgeon who assists with outpatient management of their practice. Some will also first assist if they have their licence. We have 2 NPs and 1 PA who manage all inpatients for all the ortho surgeons. The inpatient NPs and PA work Mon-Fri 6am-6pm coverage. After they leave and on weekends the residents cover the floor.

Leslie Rhodes almost 3 years ago

In Memphis at LeBonheur, we still remain relatively small with only 5 pedi ortho surgeons. We have been through multiple different roles with NPs since I have been here. Currently, we have 2 inpatient only NPs which are service based. We currently alternate one day every other week on our busiest clinic day, but otherwise do not have any NPs in clinic. Our clinics are managed by attendings and the residents. We are an academic facility and have 5 residents (an intern, 2 PGY3s and 2 PGY5s) and a fellow at all times. As inpatient NPs, we have Monday through Friday coverage 0630-1830. After hours and weekends are covered by the residents.

Amanda Mccullough almost 3 years ago

I am in MS and right now we have a full time clinic NP and full time inpatient NP (myself) for 3 surgeons although we have the volume of 4-5 surgeons.

We have discussed moving to a system where one NP covers 1-2 surgeons and does a hybrid type schedule-see them pre-op, follow while inpatient and then see them post-op. Ideally, I think the surgeons would want an NP with RNFA or a PA that could also assist in the OR if needed.

Kim Ingraham almost 3 years ago

I am in Rochester, NY and work at peds ortho division. We have 2 full time PAs, 1 part time PA and one per diem PA. We all run our own clinics and work for all 3 peds ortho surgeons. We also have 2 NPs that do inpatient work and help surgeons in clinics. All of us (MDs, NPs and PAs) work together as a team and I think it works very well for our group! We work Mon-Fri with no weekends or call.

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