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Question from member Leslie Rhodes

Posted about 3 years ago by Suzanne Hilt

Hello again!

We have a patient we would like to send home in home halo traction and have not done this in a few years. We are having trouble finding a company who will rent the equipment. Do any of you have any suggestions on a company who will rent home bed traction equipment? What is the typical process at your hospital to send patients home? Does your hospital allow rental of the equipment or loan the equipment to the family? Thank you all!



Suzanne Hilt about 3 years ago

We send quite a few patients home in halo traction. For bed traction we tend to do one of 2 things - either we have savvy parents who can make a wall pulley system (and we loan the weights for them to use) or if their room can accommodate the space, we have them use the WC traction set up behind the foot of the bed as their bed traction. We have a very nice WC setup that our Orthotics department makes for us. I could email you some pictures if that is helpful.

Anne Stuedemann about 3 years ago

Hi Leslie,
It is a rare occasion we send a kid home in traction. Our BioMed department won't let our in-house traction equipment leave the building b/c they can't ensure the integrity of the equipment at the patient's house and the equipment can't be returned to the hospital after it has left b/c of the same reason. If a child does leave the hospital risk management has to get involved and it is a big to-do. There are no outside DME companies in our area that offer the specialized traction equipment. Our division owns all our halo traction equipment.

Colleen Ditro about 3 years ago

We do a lot of traction but do not send our patients home with it.

Tracy Warhoover about 3 years ago

Hey, it is rare that we send patients home with halo traction. However, in the past we have referred families to a DME company for the bed and overhead frame. In regards to the traction supplies we were able to obtain them through Nu Motion. Please feel free to contact me through email at with any additional questions that you may have.

Leslie Rhodes almost 3 years ago

Thank you all for your help with this!

It is very rare that we do it as well, hence the trouble that we had doing it this time!

Suzanne, that is a very interesting concept and one I will remember if we do this again in the future.

Our hospital would not let the patient leave with our equipment either for fear that it would not be returned nor being able to ensure the integrity of the equipment once the patient left with it.

We tried Nu Motion and they told us they could not supply the equipment. We also tried about 15 other home DME companies and were not successful. Our orthotist ended up being able to order equipment through his company and the hospital had to involve risk management and an agreement was signed by the family. We were able to get a loaner wheelchair and walker from our seating and mobility company. It was a very big to-do for sure but we were able to make it happen.

Thanks again ladies!

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