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Question from member Colleen Donovan

Posted over 3 years ago by Suzanne Hilt

Wondering if any of your hospitals are treating children with early onset scoliosis with halo gravity traction. I recently went on a site visit to Texas Scottish Rite Children's Hospital regarding this treatment and we are very interested in starting a program here. Do any of your "non-endowed" hospitals treat with halo gravity traction and, if so, how do you get reimbursed for the hospital stay?

Any and all info is greatly appreciated!



Jill Ariagno over 3 years ago

Yes, I am happy to talk to you about this.....we do halo gravity in Kansas City Missouri at Children's Mercy Hospital. I am aware of several others like Boston Childrens for example. my email is Cheers, JIll

Colleen Ditro over 3 years ago

Hi. I work at AI DuPont and we do halo traction as well. Typically 3-6 weeks in traction. I have not had any issues with insurance but I have had to do some peer to peers. Happy to discuss further. Colleen Ditro

Suzanne Hilt over 3 years ago

We also do quite a bit of halo traction at our hospital - Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester. The patients generally stay for 2-3 weeks to get the child slowly up to the traction weight desired and to teach the parents how to care for them. Our secretaries check with insurance companies for all admissions and I don't know of any issues where we had to defend it. Once in a while we have a family that is not appropriate for home traction and we keep them in the hospital for 1-2 months. That would usually require a phone call, but we have never had one denied.

As for the traction, our orthotics department makes a custom traction system for the wheelchairs and it is a great system for families to use at home. I would be happy to send you pictures of what they make or give you our contact person in Orthotics, if you have orthotics staff working with you who are interested.

Suzanne -

Erica Zepeda over 3 years ago

Dear Colleen,
I am sorry I missed you during your site visit at TSRH.
I hope you received all of the halo information I left for you.
As far as reimbursement, did you ask while you were here?
If not, I can ask and follow-up with you.
Sincerely, Erica Flores

Colleen Donovan over 3 years ago

Hi Erica,
I am sorry that I missed you as well. Our visit to TSRH was really great and informative and I am grateful for all of the info you left for me. Yes, I did ask about reimbursement but, as you know,TSRH is in a unique situation with regards to insurance. Again, thank you very much for your info!

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